Thursday, January 1, 2015

snapshot: friendsgiving 2014.

I always promise myself that I'll take lots of photos. I charge my camera, I adjust its settings, and I even put the it in a conspicuous place so that I will look at it often and remember to capture moments.

You're looking at two of the only acceptable photos I took on Thanksgiving Friendsgiving Day. 

You can have the best of intentions with cameras, you really can. But sometimes, you're just busy doing other things - like making memories with new friends, and eating delicious food, and playing board games - to stop and pause for the click of the camera. 

And though those reasons are justifiable, I am hoping, in this new year - 2015 - to pick my camera up more often. Because I've found that stopping to capture those moments doesn't detract from the living of them - it only serves to imprint them more firmly in my memory. It lets me carry those memories more concretely around with me - it reminds me to take even more joy. And then it allows me to share them with others, here.

And that is a beautiful thing indeed.

Here's to 2015. Here's to more photos. 

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